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Data from the World Banks shows in developing countries, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) make up 90% of the private sector and as such, they are critical to the employment of the wider population in these countries. SMEs contribute more than 40% to GDP and are less likely to obtain bank loans than larger firms. […]

The Case for Investing in Zambian Women-led Businesses – A Fireside chat with Dolika Banda – Global Ambassador of the GSG moderated by Nyeji Chilembo – Managing Partner, wCap

Women face unique challenges that sometimes inhibit them from achieving their financial goals. Watch Head of Wealth Management, Olusegun Omoniwa at Standard Chartered Bank Zambia PLC and Nyeji Chilembo, Managing Partner wCap discuss women and their wealth. #wealthmanagement #investments #financialliteracy #globalmoney #GLMW10

In this discussion wCap Co-Founder and Partner, Yvonne Mpala, chats with Patricia Mwase, Founder of Optiquest, a property development company based in Lusaka, Zambia that specialises in the construction and management of student accommodation for tertiary institutions in Zambia

The past year has been eventful, we founded #wCap, an investment management and advisory firm, to address the problems that women owned/led businesses face when moving into the next stage of growth. The inception process started in the midst of the #covid pandemic forcing us to do almost 90 percent of our work remotely. With the support of […]