wCap – Women Capital

We help women-owned/led businesses to grow and scale.

Assess + Invest

Due Diligence Services

A key element to the success of any investment is the assessment of companies before investment. We offer a range of due diligence services to help organisations make informed decisions, mitigate risk, and secure their value chain. Our consultants meet with management teams to address this issue in the following ways: conduct in-depth, customized due diligence inquiries, document collection, background checks,  including on-site interviews and visits on behalf of their clients.

Advise + Connect

Advisory Services

For companies that may not be investment-ready but are on the journey to becoming so, we provide advisory services to help them become bankable.

Our advisory services include:  Assistance with corporate strategy, business models, marketing, industry analysis, capacity building, operations and processing, assessing financing needs, financial modeling, business continuity management, product development.

As companies become investment ready, we provide assistance to navigate the investment community and act as liaison with other investors if they do not match our profile.

Invest + Access

Fund Management Services

Our investment management services aim to meet the investment goals for the benefit of individual or institutional investors. We serve trusts, co-operatives, investment groups, pension funds, retirement plans, governments, educational institutions, insurance companies and financial institutions investing funds in fixed income securities.   


As Fund Managers, wCap provides an investment opportunity to local and international institutional investors interested in alternative asset classes. Our goal it so to make investments more accessible and equitable allowing our clients to see good returns over time. Our model is active, we deploy funds and play an active role in each portfolio of investments to ensure positive outcomes.

Capital Raising Services

Our ability to connect clients to investors is the most valuable component of our capital raising services. We work together with our portfolio companies to build value. Our technical experts communicate the strength of our clients business in a strategic manner by presenting the business and growth model to the finance market. We execute this on behalf of management to ensure efficiency in deal closure, reasonable pricing, and flexible transaction terms.