wCap – Women Capital

We help women-owned/led businesses to grow and scale.

Why us ?

We address the nexus between climate finance and gender lens investing. Our team brings a wealth of unique knowledge and experience in private capital markets and a proven track record of value creation ensures our clients receive the best returns.

Our Partners collaborate with various international organisations and institutions and impact-focused entities to leverage their expertise, networks, and resources. Some affiliations and memberships include the 2x Ignite Community of Practice, Women Leaders for Climate Action in Zambia, She Trades Zambia, the Obuntu Foundation and several others. These strategic partnerships enhance the firm’s ability to identify high-impact investment opportunities and support portfolio companies in achieving their environmental and social objectives.

If you would like to submit an application for funding 

Contact info@womencapital.co for inquiries

Our Founding Principles

Gender Lens Investing:

wCap is committed to promoting gender equality in business by actively seeking and supporting women-led and women-focused enterprises. The firm believes in the transformative power of investing in women as a means to enhance economic development and social progress.  Investments are directed towards companies that prioritize diversity and inclusion, ensuring equitable opportunities for women in leadership positions and supporting businesses that positively impact women in their value chains.

Climate Impact Focus:

With a profound understanding of the urgent need to address climate change, wCap places a high emphasis on climate impact investments. The firm is dedicated to supporting ventures that contribute to sustainable agriculture, manufacturing, and renewable energy, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change. We work with high-growth businesses that offer tangible solutions to mitigate and adapt to climate change. This may include renewable energy projects, sustainable agriculture, circular economy initiatives, and other ventures that contribute to a low-carbon future.

Innovation and Technology:

The firm places a high value on innovation and technology as key drivers for addressing climate challenges. Investments may include startups that leverage cutting-edge technologies to develop scalable solutions for both climate and gender-related issues.