wCap – Women Capital

Invest. Advise. Access. Connect

We back the best women founders for the best returns.

We help women-led businesses access capital, knowledge, networks and markets they need to build and scale successful enterprises.

Investment Approach 

We focus on high growth industries that are here for the long-haul, in any sector, however we have a keen interest in Agriculture, ICT, Fintech, Manufacturing, Tourism, and Health etc.

We invest in established businesses with a working product  or service and proven track record of at least three years or more, that are in the growth stage.  Our approach as investors is hands-on.  We recognise that we add value when we work together, so we’re with you every step of the way from growth to exit for you to tap into our experience and connect with our networks.


Ultimately, we invest in people.  We are gender diverse but acknowledge that women are often overlooked and under-represented so we work with women owned and women-led businesses to make sure they get the best possible outcomes with us.

Our requirement for investment is simply that at least one founder be female (or at least one woman in leadership and holding equity). We will however consider companies who might not be there yet but have plans to get there within 12 months.

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News & Updates

Nyeji Chilembo – Co founder and Managing Partner for wCap limited. The famous quote “Behind every dark cloud, lays a silver lining” stands as a true testament ofwCap (Women Capital), a financial intermediary conceived in January 2020 and birthed in Mayof the same year amidst the global pandemic crisis Covid19. wCap was created from a desire
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wCap will reflect on it's first year of operations in a motivational session with Andy Fell. A renowned  Speaker, Coach, Facilitator and Educator from Australia. Andy is also the founder of GiFT631, What Winners Do & Future You. The session will be hosted by wCap partner and Chief Investment Officer, Janice Rudo Sambaza alongside Nyeji
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We enjoy working with #womenled and #womenowned businesses in growth stage as they have a clear understanding of how they would like to scale up. Nankhonde Kasonde - van den Broek, like many of our clients came prepared with a thorough understanding of her business and industry. We were also delighted to work with Chisha Kumisuku and
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